Doom 2

Sealed by Blood: Traditional-style level for Doom 2 set in creepy caves.

Team Fortress 2

Gravesite: Simple King of the Hill map with mirrored symmetry and a spooky theme. Made for Virtual Worlds class.

Doom 4

SnapBack: Traditional-style, short, linear Doom level made in SnapMap. Features varying atmospheres, several wave encounters, and a triple boss fight.

Super Mario Maker

Shellout: Level made for Virtual Worlds class. Plays with the idea of Buzzy Beetles destroying blocks to create new pathways.

Not Quite Kaizo: Difficult level aimed at highly-skilled players.

Rube Shellberg: Level showcasing a chain reaction caused by a shell that allows the player to progress.

Buzzy Beetle Box: Level with minimal space to move trying to be as efficient with space and blocks as possible.

Vegetable Valley 1: Remake of the first level of Kirby's Adventure. Very easy level aimed at beginners. Over 50 stars.

Legend of Grimrock

Nick's Grimrock Tutorial: Level made for Virtual Worlds class. Aims to teach the basics of Grimrock to absolute beginners.